Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekend Update

I haven't accomplished much on the home or wedding front because I've been down and out with a nasty bug for a week. Yesterday was okay and today has been good so far so I've got my fingers crossed! There's nothing worse than being home but not being able to do anything.... I watched a ridiculous amount of Netflix in bed. I was on a Julia Roberts kick for a while and also loved Rashida Jones & Andy Samburg in Jesse and Celeste Forever.

On Saturday there was a winter sale at my favourite salvaged goods vendor so I did manage to get out of bed and get some awesome finds. I've got a couple crappy iphone pictures to show you "sneak peak" style and I'll do a proper post once we've installed some of it. Our focus was wedding inspiration and bathroom decor. The haul included:

  • a green frame with amazing patina may have been part of a screen window at one point
  • a "basket" off of an old singer sewing machine (that was a whopping $4) - my plan is to use it as a magazine rack or towel holder in the new bathroom!
  • an amazing old door for the cupboard in the new bathroom
  • a glass doorknob for the door. I love it because its a "petite" knob and suits the door perfectly
  • 19th century hinges for the door
  • an "art deco" style light fixture for above the sink that we will put an edison bulb in
  • an old interior shutter that will be for the wedding but will go in the house for now as decor
  • three old door handles to make signs for the wedding (DIY to come)
My New Cupboard Door

To be installed....

Glass Knob

19th Cen. Hinges
Other bathroom progess included B finishing laying down the floor and the completion of our counter top (custom made of knotty pine). Can't wait to get it installed and the pine trim on.

In other home related news Harley and her puppy friend knocked over my stone bird bath and broke the top off of it. It may have been frozen/about to break because of the extremely cold weather we've had but nonetheless it's still broken. Now I need something else to put in my front spring bed as I've kind of planted around the bird bath as a"centre piece" for the garden. I'm still wondering about the question I posed on Twitter: is garden art tacky or trendy? What do you think? I could replace it with another bird bath... I do love the handmade painted ones. Hmmmm.... Let me know your thoughts!

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