House Tour

Welcome to the house tour. The majority of these photos were taken the week we moved in. I will update this page as areas of the house are updated/renovated/improved. Due to finances and long term planning we're balancing doing renovations that are geared towards making our lives more comfortable and atheistically pleasing for now while still planning ahead to big renovations that will change the entire layout and decor of the house. For example, we painted the wood panelling in the upstairs living room white so we didn't feel like we were living in a cabin in the woods however, we plan on ripping that panelling down and replacing it with dry wall in the long run. Enjoy!

PS- If you see these photos and feel inspired I would welcome any comments or suggestions as we're just starting out on our renovation/house flip journey! I would love to hear your thoughts and advice.

The Living Room 

I convinced Brad to tear out the carpets before we moved anything in. They were orange, dirty and stained.

The Kitchen

One of my favourite rooms in the house "as is". I love the exposed beams and the cupboards are manageable. The floors are quite outdated but we're hoping to do the whole main floor in hardwood so we're waiting on that. 

Bedroom # 1 - Future Bathroom

Current Bathroom - Future Laundry Room

I kind of love the retro colours in the bathroom. The tub/shower/vanity and tiny size? Not so much. Can't wait to gut this room and make our upstairs laundry room. 

The bathroom finally got ripped out! It's now back to bare bones waiting for reno:

Bedroom # 2 - Main floor Bedroom 

Bedroom # 3 - Future Dining Room or Main Floor Office ?

Unfinished Basement (Used for storage & laundry)

Upstairs Landing



I love this corner. I bought the vintage wash basin off kijiji with the thought that it would look cute in our new bathroom. The mirror was a housewarming gift from Brad's parents. The walls were painted and we put some simple trim. Its amazing how much the lighter colours brighten this corner!

Powder Room

Fish wallpaper and green toilet. We couldn't handle it so we decided to do a "cheap" reno (paint job and new toilet) for now until we expand this bathroom later and install a shower. 



Second Living Room

Fake exposed brick and wood panelling. My favourite part of the house is the wide planked real hardwood floors that are throughout the second level. 

Bedrooms # 4 & 5

The Back Yard

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