Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bathroom Organization and Storage

As you may know from previous posts, I’m getting a new bathroom. It’s been a slow project that’s been on the back burner for a long time as B works away at it whenever he has time. We have a fully functional, albeit quite undesirable (see photo below), bathroom that we are currently using. We're lucky that we can continue to use the old bathroom (which will be the laundry room in its next life) while we renovate the new bathroom. So far in the new space the walls are painted, the shower is tiled, the shower head & faucet are installed and the vanity is in progress. Next steps include installing the toilet, sink and faucet and making a decision on flooring (we are seriously waffling). We’re getting there though!

Current Bathroom: So... 50s?

Today I’m going to share with you some of my bathroom organization and storage brainstorming. Thank God for Pinterest! I must admit I have a history of and a penchant for organized bathrooms. In University I lived with two roommates (who are now my best friends). We had a super cute townhouse with a pretty basic but nicely styled bathroom. The bathroom had light beige walls (like the rest of the house) a cute Paris inspired shower curtain and black accent pieces from Home Outfitters. Under the sink we had limited storage so we had four black wicker baskets from JYSK with cute floral lining: one each for cosmetics/bathroom supplies and one that neatly stored toilet paper. In behind the baskets were our cleaning supplies. It was efficient, practical and worked perfectly for us; there was never a mess on the counter and nothing was ever out of place. Let me tell you, we kept it sparkling clean (oh how I miss living with female roommates!). 

While our new bathroom is massive in comparison to our current bathroom it’s actually not all that big. Amazingly, it was a bedroom (see photo below)! There won’t be a lot of room for extra “stuff” in there and there’s actually not a lot of wall space. It's an upgrade but could easily become cluttered and disorganized. I’ll need to use my organizing skills to make sure it’s as fully functional as possible from the get-go!

New Bathroom: The Before
Without further ado, here are some ideas I've collected from the internet for organization and storage!

A brightly coloured vintage accent piece:

Source: Pinterest
Source: Shelterness

Source: Shelterness
I think these vintage accent pieces add so much character to the room. They make unsightly things like toilet paper look more visually appealing, too. If I had tons of room I'd love to re-do a sideboard like one of my friends did in her bathroom. It gives you space on top and inside. In our bathroom we'd have to find a reasonably sized piece with enough storage to make the use of floorspace worthwhile. 

Display bathroom essentials in a unique container:

Antique tin with antique containers inside
Source: Shelterness

Vintage drawers
Source: Top Inspired
A tiered system for makeup
Source: Top Inspired
Find a cool vintage tray
Source: Pinterest
Using unique containers, especially if they're vintage, is a great way to display the nice pieces you have! If you're going to have a couple things out on the counter make sure they're the most visually appealing items you have. No one wants to see your vaseline.

Baskets, baskets & more baskets: 

Industrial wire baskets are on trend
Source: Decorology
Shelving + baskets are a great combination
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

A hamper is so handy in the bathroom
Source: Flickr
Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Baskets, as I've already said, come in SO handy in the bathroom. Whether they're wicker, bamboo, assorted, industrial wire baskets (so trendy) or a giant hamper they all serve great purposes! Baskets allow you to comparmentalize your bathroom and perhaps hide some items you'd rather not have on display.

Reduce, reuse & recycle:

Re-use your candle jars
Source: Pinterest
Glass jars can be bought at the dollar store
Source: The Fashionably Broke
Mason jars are trendy and eco-friendly
Source: Pinterest
There are so many ways to use pre-loved, eco-friendly containers in your bathroom. Re-using jars is just a start! You can use kitchen items like cutlery trays or tins or even beautiful antiques you don't use like a sugar bowl to house your cotton balls.

Glass jars in different shapes and sizes:

These are a little practical for my taste
Source: Pinterest
Various sizes and shapes look pretty
Source: CEO Studio Solutions
These can be found at Home Sense
Source:Better Homes and Gardens
If you want that "wow" factor you might have to buy some glass jars. Apothecary jars are in and can be found vintage/antique or bought at Homesense. Either way, they're beautiful and practical for bathroom storage.

A shelf over the sink: 

Sink glasses into a rustic piece of wood
Source: Better Homes and Gardens
Re-use a CD tray
Source: Pinterest
The CD rack image has been floating around Pinterest forever. I'm not even convinced it is a CD rack but I do love the idea over the sink!

And if you can combine everything into one amazing storage system!

Source: Cathy Home Style/320 Sycamore
These practical IKEA floating shelves have wicker baskets, a vintage mirror, industrial wire baskets AND glass jars! Combine it all with nicely rolled towels and you have a whole new outlook on bathroom storage and organizaion. Thanks for reading through and comment/tweet me your bathroom organizing ideas!

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