Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Our chickens arrived last night! Brad had to wait in line for an hour as there were over 200 chickens that arrived at the same time. We originally planned for six but someone didn't show up for theirs and they offered him fourteen more! That was a little much for us but we took an additional six and now have twelve hens settling in to our coop. Luckily we have lots of room and twelve seems like the perfect amount for the spot we prepared.
Checking Out the Door
Two Eggs Were Laid on the Way!

 The hens were pretty content last night. They didn't want to go inside for the night and Brad had to put them inside one by one (while I watched). This morning I went down, watered them and let them out. When I checked on them an hour later one had escaped! I chased it back in (I'm still too scared to pick them up - the squack!) and ended up closing all the girls inside until Brad raises  the height of the fence tonight.

Interior of the Coop

Harley Observing the Action

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