Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Succulent Love

We've been trying to decide on a favour for the wedding for a while now. I wanted something that wasn't "junk", that people could make use out of and that represented us and the theme of our wedding. B's mom suggested something she saw on Pinterest: succulents in teacups. How whimsical! Succulents are already going to be part of the wedding, featured on the boy's boutonnieres with seeded eucalyptus and a silver leaf so I thought it would be fitting to have them as giveaways too! I love the idea of giving something alive and baby trees & seed packets are super trendy right now with the (cute) slogan "Let Love Grow".

A couple examples from Pinterest:


Eco-Friendly Favours
Source: Etsy's RedCloudBoutique
Go Green
Source: HautNot Blog
Source: Pinterest

I decided that we have to go with the succulents. The idea is eco-friendly, recycled, thrifty & vintage; everything I want to encapsulate in the wedding. We went and looked for teacups this weekend - the thrift store variety range from $1-5 and flea markets and antique stores want $4-5 (and up). As soon as vendors heard we were looking for teacups they started calling out to us but not many wanted to go below $4. I decided to do a "test run" to see how the succulents fair in teacups. I'd hate to invest all that time and money planting the succulents in an environment that can't sustain the plants. I don't want the favours to suffer the same fate as the poor succs I planted in the three terrariums I made last year (they shrivelled up, poor guys). I have a bit of a green thumb and Pinterest told me succulents are hardy so I was shocked to see mine die so quickly and easily!

In reality, succulents are hardy. They are highly adaptable, water-storing, versatile plants that are well suited to being grown indoors and out. I did a little research and found out a lot of conflicting information but overall they seem to be pretty easy to care for:

Light tells me that succulents like light, especially Southern light (may have to switch mine as they are in a North facing window) however Succulents & Sunshine says in it's guide that South facing windows can be too harsh and can give succulents a sunburn. Succulents & Sunshine  advises 6 hours of sunlight per day. To avoid bleaching or sunburning the leaves try indirect sunlight.

Water  says that succulents like to be watered in the spring and summer but that the soil should dry out between waterings. The website suggests watering every other month in the winter. The tags that came with my succulents said not to let soil dry between waterings. Succulents & Sunshine  also advises to water less in the winter when plants are dormant but suggests every two weeks letting the soil dry out. The overall consensus seems to be not to overwater.

Potting Soil
Cactus/succulent potting mix should be used. I have no clue what mine are in I just re-used what they came in.

The Pot
Despite the all the terrarium "rage" right now Succulents & Sunshine  says: "succulents do not like to be sitting in soggy soil so a glass jar (or terrarium) is not going to make your succulent happy." Other sources told me that succs don't need a ton of drainage so I didn't even bother with putting rocks in the base of my teacups. This may need to be amended for the favours. They recommend using a terracotta pot that breathes and while that won't cut it for the favours would be best for personal use!

Take a look at what I came up with! These teacups were $1 each and aren't fine china like some of the others I found and saved for the wedding but I still think they are quite cute. I simply transplanted them from the plastic pot they came in to the teacups. Voila. 

Where the teacups live in my house… above the sink!

In other wedding news I am on the hunt for reasonably priced milk glass vases. I found these two for $25. I'd like to get them for less but they're so damn trendy. The seller said he'd already had someone come in and clean him out of all he had. (PS don't mind the dirty bookshelf I just brought it in from the garage and it needs a serious wipe down! That's next on my to-do list.)

I've also been on the lookout for bookends. I found these ones for $4! Every horse head bookend I find has its ears back… maybe for structural reasons? I hate it that they are angry ponies. These were the best I could find… I'll think of them as "listening ears" instead.

Let me know what you think of the succulents! Have you received a wedding favour that you particularly loved? I'd love to hear it! Comment or tweet me @creatvlycountry !

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