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On this page I will go into more retail on renovations we're doing to the house.

The Upstairs Bathroom

As I said on the House Tour page there are some renovations we are doing just so the house is more visually appealing while we wait to do bigger, more exciting renovations. The upstairs bathroom is an example of this. The upstairs is a big part of the house as it has a huge living space, a second level deck and two bedrooms. Therefore, we think this level needs its own shower.  Actually, we think any house with FIVE bedrooms needs two showers! That said I could not stand the fish wall paper and green toilet so I decided to paint the powder room and Brad switched out the toilet. The green toilet actually didn't even work very well so it was just wasted space. Our bedroom is upstairs and it just makes sense to make use of this room. 


I originally picked out a colour called "choclate raspberry" to do this room. I decided that since it was a small but bright space a dark colour would suit. I ended up "matching" the colour I had picked at Home Depot at our local country hardware store. I would say I ended up with more of a plum. 

I also painted the vanity an antique white that we already had sitting in our basement. Someone gave us several gallons of white-ish shades that I have been making good use of.

We left the floor because it isn't such an easy or cheap fix. Its awful but I just try to ignore it. We also left the sink green for now. We have a countertop to put on the vanity and just need to purchase a white sink to completely finish the room.

The Upstairs Deck

When we got the house there was a deck with no floor on it. We tore it down.

The "Before" Deck


Harley loves hanging out on the deck :]

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