Thursday, 15 August 2013

First Post!

Well - this is my it. My first post. I actually started/created this blog quite a while ago but couldn't seem to get going with it. I read a lot of home reno/decor/DIY blogs and I feel slightly intimidated trying to join their ranks. I hope this blog appeals to everyone, but I really hope it appeals to the younger generation of people who are renovating, DIY-ing and moving into houses as my boyfriend and I are only 23. I am also hoping this blog will serve as an online record of our struggles and triumphs renovating our first house together. In an etsy/pinterest/DIY world I have tons of ideas and just slightly less confidence that I actually turn them into a creatively country house! Our current projects on the go are the downstairs bathroom, the chicken coop, the overgrown garden and several pieces of furniture I am trying to upcycle!

We bought house in October 2012. Its a bungalow with a garage/second storey addition that was put on in the sixties. We have five small bedrooms, two baths and an unfinish basement - all of which is going to change! The house was bought from the original owner,  an older woman, and was decorated just as it was when it was built. I'm sure you can imagine the orange carpets, fish wallpaper, wood panelling and spiders... it wouldn't be everyone's idea of their first house but I loved it from our fist walk-through. There is something about the quiet country lot and cottagey feel that makes it perfect for us! 

In my next post I will post the "before" pictures. 



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