Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What's on your Want List?

I started my “want list” last spring. What is a want list? For me, it’s a running  list of the antique and vintage finds I’m interested in acquiring. Instead of jumping on the first item I see (which is usually overpriced) or searching the country side high and low for a specific find (which is time consuming) I’ve started simply keeping a casual eye out for the things I’m looking for. I find this strategy allows me to let go of the overpriced and accept that sometimes you need to wait for the right vintage item to find you. Last summer I wanted an old wooden ladder to hang my scarves on. I saw the idea on Pinterest and had to have one and I wanted it immediately. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything for under $200 at the time (and trust me I searched). It just seemed so ridiculous! The next weekend I stopped at a garage sale and got one for $20.

Another great example is my recent search for antique mason jars. I was hoping to use them to hold the flower arrangements at our wedding. I spent an entire day going to all my local flea markets and antique stores. I found the clear jars to be priced anywhere from $5 to $15 and the blue tinted ones to be $15 - and up -  most commonly around $25. The prices were little too high for an item that I would need in such a large quantity. Etsy prices were consistent or higher for the jars and I’d have to factor in shipping. I was disappointed but decided to put them on “the list”. Not two weeks later I was browsing Kijiji and found someone selling 66 mason jars for $2/each. I managed to get her down to $1.50 a piece and the collection was mine that Saturday! Imagine my delight when I opened the boxes to find many of them are blue tint. That is the joy of thrifting. If I were to buy new mason jars at Canadian Tire I would be paying roughly $1.20/each so I really couldn’t have found a better deal! It pays to be patient and to keep looking. Thrifting is all about being persistent and enjoying the search. You never know what you'll find.

What’s on your want list? Have you made any great finds lately? Comment or tweet me @creatvlycountry I’d love to hear about them!

My Want List:

A Letterpress Box

Letterpress boxes are so cool. They are such a unique part of print history and are a great storage solution or display case for the home! I've been dying for one for a while now.... I wonder when MY box will show up?

Source: Etsy

A Kitchen Scale

My MIL bought one for her kitchen and I find it so charming! They look especially cute with a plant perched a-top. I love this green coloured one but they also look good in a rusty-brown and creamy white.

Source: Etsy via Google Images

Milk Glass Vases

I am dead set on using Fenlon/Milk Glass bud vases at the wedding. Their vintage charm is undeniable and they are hot right now. My favourite vintage vendor said he's already been cleaned out once for a summer wedding! So far I have four bud vases and two small flower pots with ruffled edges. The best find was one of the flower pots which was only .75 at a thrift store.

Source: thehouseinthemiddle via Etsy

A Macrame Hanging Plant Basket

These babies are all over Etsy and I love it! They are so retro and remind me of my grandma's house. I wish I could make one myself but alas I'll have to wait until I see one for sale.

Source: handiworkclub via Etsy

That's my current want list. Don't forget to share yours with me I'd love to hear from you :)

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