Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Old Bathroom

Finally, finally, finally after months of hard work (on my bf's part not mine) and patience the old bathroom is GONE. No more teal and black tile, no more weird shutter cupboards, no more ugly lighting, old mirror, outdated vanity, scummy tub or old toilet. Can you believe a family with four kids used this bathroom as their only full bath? They were troopers! I could not be more excited to see the bathroom completely cleared out. I'm still going to do a room tour of the sparkly NEW bathroom but there are a few finishing touches I am hoping to complete first so that you can have the full experience.


Originally, the plan was to convert the old bathroom into a main floor laundry room. Our plan to put in a patio door and build a deck off the back is still going to happen however when it came down to measurements and practicality this room is simply too small to be a functioning laundry room. There was no way to position the machines and have the door without being cramped. So we scrapped the laundry room and kept our dreams of a patio alive! Taking the wall down actually opens up the space and makes the odd main floor layout a little more spacious and open. We're going to treat it like a mudroom to out back with some bench seating and space to hang jackets and store clothes.

What would you do with this space?

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