Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I Love Online Auctions

I've had amazing luck in 2014 with online auctions. Often downsizing or estate sales, these auctions are an amazing way to find an ecletic array of vintage and antique goods! And they're addictive. My first purchase was an assorted lot of teacups for our wedding favours. I got them for a steal. My second purchase, which I picked up Friday afternoon, were two items from a flea market that I frequent often.

Vintage Hobnail Milk Glass Light Fixtures

I snapped this pic in the back of my car. How gorgeous are these lamps? I'm officially obsessed with milk glass! They're in good working order and simply need a shade and a bulb. I went out looking for shades last night but didn't have any luck at Homesense or Home Outfitters they seem to only sell the whole lamp. I'm going to try Lowes tonight. I was thinking of a simple black shade... what colour or type of lamp shade would you put on these babies?

Five Antique Porcelain Door Knobs & 1 Antique Glass Door Knob

I'm using these antique door knobs as place holders for the wedding. I already have someand jumped when I saw these on the online auction! It's a cute little DIY that I will post on the blog once I've collected more knobs. Considering what I spent on the glass knobs I purchased for our  these were amazingly priced with my high bid of $29 for the lot. They also threw in two enamel style dishes (pictured below the knobs). Not sure what I will do with them yet but they're kind of cool!

Advice on Using Online Auctions

  • Wait to bid: getting into a bidding war on something you really want with five days remaining will just drive the final bid price up. I only bid on the last day of the auction so I have a clearer idea of what the final price is going to be. Don't get excited when you find an amazing piece for $2 on day one. It won't last! That said...
  • Go for the deals: Sometimes things do go for ridiculously low prices. I find this especially happens with mid-low range art. I've seen it go for $2-3 on the final day of bidding. Keep an eye out for nice frames even if the art isn't totally to your taste. Sort the items from low to high to control yourself from looking at that gorgeous harvest table that is already at $300.
  • Decide how much you want to spend: when you see an item you want, whether it's an old steamer trunk, a vintage typewriter or a piece of art, decide what the most you'll pay for it is up front. Do some comparisons on ebay or kijiji to see what it might be worth. Don't overspend! It's easy to get pulled in to a bidding war and end up over paying for something you didn't even want before you opened up the auction.
Most importantly have fun! Let me know what amazing finds you've found on online auctions I'd love to hear your thrifting story.

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