Thursday, 22 August 2013

Coop Design

So far, as you can see in yesterday's pictures, our coop design is a little lacking. We have: food, water, nesting boxes, a roost and a big, shaded outdoor space for them. The chicken's basic needs are definitely met. As far as "fun" and "aesthetically pleaseing" go however, I'm not satisfied yet. I blame my desire for a fun and functional hipster chicken coop on Pinterest. There are so many amazing chicken coops on there and so many happy chickens!

My inspiration for the drift wood roost I installed in the coop comes from The Art of Doing Stuff which I, of course, found while pinning. We have tons of drift wood at my cottage so I grabbed a nice sized piece and Brad installed it. The only thing I did differently was install my roost lower to the ground as I read online that chickens can actually hurt their legs jumping down from a high roost.

 Picture from The Art of Doing Stuff

Another idea I got from The Art of Doing Stuff is a galvinized tub filled with dirt for the chickens to play in. I love it! Its so rustic yet practical for the chickens. I'd like to get my hands on one of these.
Picture From The Art of Doing Stuff
Another awesome coop I found through pinterest was on Back Yard Chickens (a great online source and forum with tons of information on keeping chickens!) and the coop belongs to the user Yellow Kitchen. The outdoor space on this one is my favourite. There is SO much for these chickens to do!

Yellow Kitchen's Chicken Coop on
There is so much you can do with the chicken's outdoor space. The last thing on my "want list" for the coop is one of these ladders. The only thing that may prohibit me from getting one is that we don't have chicken wire covering the top of our coop. We don't because our fences are high and we put them in at night. If we have any more escapees we may have to consider it. Here's where I got the idea (Beauty That Moves) again, thank you Pinterest.  I also like how this coop has stumps for the chickens to sit on.

Beauty That Move's Chicken Coop

Beauty That Move's Chicken Coop
Well, that's all for inspiration for now. Hopefully I can make some improvements on my coop thanks to all these cool coops and post some more pictures!

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