Monday, 27 January 2014

Bathroom Update

The bathroom renovation has been an on-going one. With the other updates we've been doing (exterior lighting), the weather (holy snow) and side projects for other people Brad hasn't exactly had a lot of time to work on our new bathroom!

I chose Behr Elephant Skin grey for the walls. It looks fantastic. I've seen the colour on Pinterest and in other blogs and it has always just been the perfect grey colour in my eyes. It's light enough not to darken the room, its rich and elegant and it doesn't have that blue tone some grey paints have.

Pinterest: Elephant Skin Grey
The tile is up around the shower. We didn't know exactly what we wanted when we went into Lowes but we knew we wanted big & rectangular tiles. I had originally thought of something simple and stone like this or this or even this. When we got into the store, though, the stone look just wasn't speaking to me. I don't know if it was how it was displayed or what but it all looked fake and marble-y to me. With our bathroom walls painted grey we wanted something that would keep the room light and airy and tried to shy away from grey tones. 

Lowes: The Tile Close Up
Then we found "Touch Summer Breeze" by Ceramics Inc. It's described as a "linen-look" which I completely agree with. I would describe it as burlap -esque. It has a texture to it that isn't easy to see based on the screencapture. I absolutely love it. It looks modern and fresh while still able to compliment and fit in with our rustic design style.

This past weekend Brad finished putting up the showerhead. We bought the showerhead a year ago at Lowes because it was a $300 + showerhead on for $70. It's a modern square shower head made by Delta. It actually had it's own commercial for a while! I love it! I had actally somewhat forgotten what it looked like until I saw the finished product.

Now we're working on the vanity. And of course when I say "we" I mean Brad. I'm just patiently waiting until I get to make the next design choice.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on flooring? We're leaning away from traditional tile but we've heard hardwood isn't the best idea with all the moisture and changing temps that go along with being a bathroom. We checked out some laminate hardwood on the weekend and I saw pleasantly surrpised. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or tweet me .

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