Thursday, 28 November 2013

Rustic Hooks DIY

I promised a DIY so here you have it! This DIY is super simple and is totally perfect for a first-timer. Literally all you need to know is how to operate a drill, or heck, a screwdriver. If you love rustic finds as much as I do you're going to LOVE the finished product!

You might remember the rusty, salvaged hooks I found back in the summer well I decided it was about time to give them a new job!

What you'll need:
  • Hooks - the more rustic the better. Try and find some locally (they'll be cheaper) but if you can't Etsy has an excellent selection!
  • Wood - to mount the hooks on. I chose a piece of salvaged trim with rich patina and a lot of character. You can choose any backboard you like, though. Barn board would look really nice or if you want a more polished look stain a piece of wood from the hardware store.
  • Screws - I got luckyon a different project and found some rusty screws around my bf's shop. Not so much this time around. I hunted through Lowes for brown screws but black was the best I could find. I might paint over them? Not sure... let me know what you think.
  • Mounting Bracket - to hang the finished product on the wall. Stregnth depends on what you'll hang on your hooks (i.e. keys are a lot lighter than winter coats!) 

Step One:
Assemble your tools and supplies. How easy was that?

How cool is the patina on this piece of trim?

Step Two:
Enlist a helper.

I accept treats as compensation!
Step Three:Start drilling!

First I marked out where I would place my hooks on the wood before starting to drill. With a rustic piece like this I don't worry about being too exact.

The Finished Product:

Anyone recognize those adorable paws?
  On another topic....did anyone else wake up to a winder wonderland yesterday?

Our backyard after the snowfall this week :)

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