Thursday, 3 October 2013

Discount Plants

When I see a plant marked down at the hardware store I just can't help myself. Yesterday I stopped to pick up a pot for a tree Brad's mom transplanted for us for inside. I ended up getting two really nice plants for 50 cents and two dollars. The pot I picked up (12") ended up being way too small. I kind of like it though its a sustainable bamboo pot that can be used inside or out. I'll just have to get something small to fit in it :)

Back to the plants - they're a little sad looking but there's something about them I like. The one has brown on the tip of its biggset leaf but I can see new growth coming and its healthy! Sitting on the discount rack it looked pathetic but I know with a little sunlight and proper watering it will come around! The other is just radiant in my opinion and maybe $2.00 is all its normally worth? I'm looking forward to having them both in my new "in progress" office.

Anyway, thats all for now from me the ever-optimistic plant saver.

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