Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dog Treats

What treats do you feed your dog?

I am very fussy about what Harley eats. There is so much crap out there for dogs its unbelievable. Pets, actually. Cats... bunnies... they are fed things that would shock their owners if they looked into it. I recently learned that bunnies are actually intolerant to the food pet stores market for them. They are roughage eaters, like horses, yet the pet stores sell nuts and seeds that are better suited to birds for them. What the heck?

In her Kong Harley gets peanut butter and the only treats that I buy her. Freeze dried liver. I either buy the Puresnacks brand or a local company that makes them. They are 100% beef liver so I know that there are no gross ingredients. I would like to find an organic brand but I haven't seen any. I worry that she will get bored eating the same treats!

Last night I gave Harley a "beef bully" to change things up. I didn't know what it was but I liked that it was a one ingredient treat that wasn't a rawhide product. When I got home I googled it. She was already eating it. Apparently, it is a freeze dried steer penis. Excuse me? I just fed my baby girl a penis? A quick google tells me they are extremely high in calories and can carry a TON of bacteria and e coli. I washed my hands but it was too late to take it away from Harley and she was thoroughly enjoying it already.

So.... it seems like there are very few healthy treat options.  She LOVES to chew. She has her and antler which is a never ending chew but its nice to give her something new and exciting every once and while.

Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

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